Where am I?

You are on the web-site, which is dedicated to computer arithmetic. It is an educational internet resource, which contains useful information about computer numbers: from the basics of floating point arithmetic to the algorithms of multiprecision arithmetic and even computer algebra algorithms.

The site is updated from time to time; new articles are written and uploaded in two languages, Russian and English. In the upper-left corner of the page you can see the language switcher. All the articles are on the "Articles" page. Do not rush the author, he writes as fast as his free time lets him.

What exactly will you find there?

In addition to the background there will be the manual information and some experimental articles reflecting the results of personal experiments of the author, these articles may be either right or wrong.

The website as well contains links to other sites and literature, where one can find useful information. These references are available on the page "Links".

Do I need this?

Every self-respecting programmer must know the basics of computer arithmetic: how the floating-point format works, how the arbitrary precision arithmetic works, what the algorithms for the calculation of certain mathematical functions are.

If you are a newbie, you do not have to know all that is written here, but you have to understand the basics of arithmetic.

If you are a professional in programming, then there is a lot of interesting material for you, too.

Good luck in study of the computer arithmetic!


You can contact me by the e-mail zealint [at] zealcomputing [dot] ru. My name is Artem.